Our Goals

Talking about sex can be awkward and I'm sure some of you can think back to an awkward experience with a parent or guardian trying to discuss the birds and bees with you. However, It is actually really important to push through the awkwardness. It is important we feel comfortable talking about sex! Not just in a joking way, but in a helpful way. We hope through this time you can learn to break down those walls of awkwardness & become a little more comfortable talking about these topics in a way that will be helpful for you. 

Get comfortable

We don't just want you guys to know how you feel, but also WHY you feel that way. So many things influence us - culture, our friends, significant others, but when it comes to sex we should make sure our main influence is ourselves & our own personal boundaries. So think deeply about the questions we ask, & ask yourself WHY you think the way you do.   

Think Deeply 

By this we mean be yourself! You might not agree with or understand  some of the things we talk about and that's OK. Maybe this means asking us a question or leaving us a helpful,respectful comment. You have a lot of insight being in high school right now and your perspective matters to us. Your thoughts are important for this bigger conversation about sex and relationships.

Be Genuine