You might be thinking.. okay, I could get on board with all the sex stuff. But come on, porn? What do you have to say about porn

Well, there's a lot. Like how the average age kids see porn for the first time is 8 to 11. Or how 70% of students your age would say they've been exposed to it when they weren't looking for it and didn't want to see it.


We know a lot of people who watch porn, and so do you--actually 64% of people your age watch it at least once a week. Maybe just watch our intro video to find out what kinds of things we'll cover. 



Watch McKenzie's story about her friend and intro to what you'll be learning  & why it's important.


Two Day Program:

Choose three of the FTND short videos to watch for today. More info below!


Four Day Program: Choose one part of the FTND documentary series, Brain, Heart, World, to watch. More info below!



Use the worksheet you downloaded yesterday to write a response on the portion of the docuseries you watched. 


If you came up with a question or comment from today's lessons, go to the comment tab or click the link below.  




01 Listen

McKenzie's Intro 

02 Watch

Two Day Plan:

There's an organization that we really like called Fight The New Drug. They have a collection of videos. These videos share really important information and stories about porn and how people have been impacted by the porn industry. 


Watch three of the videos down below and then right a repose. If you want to explore more of their videos check out: 









Four Day Plan: 

FTND also created an awesome documentary series called Brain, Heart, World. Information for that is also down below. You'll click "Watch Now," and then you'll have to login. Feel free to use your own email to create your own account, but we've also created an account you can use to view the documentary. 


Password: Realityproject!

The Brain episode is about the individual and the effect of porn on the hormones and chemical structure of the brains of the people who watch it.

brain trp.JPG


heart trp.JPG

The Heart episode is all about relationships and how watching porn can change the way that people see each other and the quality of their relationships.


world trp.JPG

The World is about the many connections between the porn industry and others like sex trafficking and sexual abuse. It sums up the other episodes and offers hope for healing from porn addiction. 


03 Respond

What did you learn?

Answer the lesson questions in your Google Docs worksheet. Be sure you followed the instructions and that the document is shared with your teacher!

If you missed it, here's the link again:

04 Ask

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