Hi teachers! Thanks for being here. On this page you'll find access to worksheets and an overview of what your students' Health classes will look like this week. 

The site is pretty self-explanatory. Students find their daily lessons under the lessons tab at the top (shocking, we know), and some helpful resources under the resources tab. They are able to use the "Contact" tab to ask questions and give feedback. Each of the main lesson points are described below. Of course, you're welcome to navigate to the student page to watch or read the lesson content itself. 

Virtual Program



Today you'll watch a video defining sex and consent and answer some response questions. 



Today's topic is porn! Your task is to watch a portion of a mini docuseries from an organization called Fight The New Drug and write a response. 



In lesson three we'll cover some basics of relationships and talk through what some of the characteristics of healthy & unhealthy relationships look like. 



Today we'll answer questions from our student Q&As. We'll show you how to add your own questions about things you're curious about & answer those!


Choose the best match for your schedule. 

Our Promise

Finally, we care that you feel confident about the information and resources provided to your students. If you have questions about any of our material, feel free to let us know! We promise to continue to provide science-backed & experience-based education for students and we highly value feedback along the way.